Target’s Express Self-Checkout coming to a store near you


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Shoppers will be limited to 10 items or less in Express Self-Checkout lanes in most Target stores.

MINNEAPOLIS — The people have spoken — and Target was listening.

Beginning on March 17, 2024, shoppers in a hurry will have an easier time grabbing and going as the Minnesota-based retailer announced the rollout of its Express Self-Checkout — limiting lanes to guests with 10 items or fewer — in most of its 2,000 store locations across the country.

According to store reps, the self-checkout concept was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic as customers preferred a contactless option during their shopping experience. In response to its success, Target said it piloted the Express option in 200 stores last year and found the checkout process at those stores was twice as fast.

“Checking out is one of the most important moments of the Target run, and we know that a fast, easy experience — whether at self-checkout or the lanes staffed by our friendly team members — is critical to getting guests on their way quickly,” Target said in a statement.

The store also said it plans to open even more traditional lanes for guests whose carts a bit more full or those who prefer a helping hand from a Target teammate.

“By having the option to pick self-checkout for a quick trip, or a traditional, staffed lane when their cart is full, guests who were surveyed told us the overall checkout experience was better, too.”

Though it wasn’t mentioned in Target’s release, retail experts say theft could also be a reason for the change. Mike Porter, Professor of Marketing at the University of St. Thomas, says it was likely a combination of speed and retail theft that led to this decision.

“That will be reduced if you only have ten items to keep track of, but certain people are doing it on purpose and it’s not organized, and it may not be high end dollars, but it all adds up,” he said.

Porter adds that customers may not even know that this change has happened – likely only noticing some quicker checkout lines.

“Some people use the self checkouts, some people hate the self checkouts, some people are going to appreciate the fact that they’re not in the self checkout line behind somebody that’s got 97 items in their cart,” he said.


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Target’s Express Self-Checkout coming to a store near you

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