Donkeys rescued from collapsed barn after Colorado snowstorm


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The barn in Gilpin County collapsed after the area received more than 60 inches of snow.

GILPIN COUNTY, Colo. — A barn that was home to two donkeys and two horses collapsed under the weight of more than five feet of snow near Aspen Springs Friday morning.

The horses were able to escape, but the two donkeys were trapped inside. 

The Gilpin County Animal Rescue Team worked with the sheriff’s office and the Timberline Fire Department to rescue the animals. Meyers Services also used a front loader to create a pathway to make it up to the property, allowing rescue crews to get through the snow to the animals. 

“I think the amount of snowfall that was sitting on top of it once the sun came out and started to melt it, it just kind of made it heavy and like a concrete,” said Brittanie Dickson, a volunteer with the animal rescue team who helped the animals on Friday. “The structure was a little bit older and just the side of it completely caved in.” 

Dickson worked with multiple volunteers, including Chris Jesik. Both live in the area and were able to immediately help the animals once there was a pathway through the snow. 

“You just kind of have to go in there with a calm demeanor, just talk to them softly, reassure them they’re OK,” Jesik said. 

Sheriff Kevin Armstrong said the rescue was a testament to how the tight-knit community helps each other out. 

“So there’s a lot of ancillary things that go on in a major snowstorm like this,” Armstrong said. “But a lot of people in the community, coming together.”

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Dickson said the rescue can serve as a reminder that everyone needs a plan in place when there’s an emergency. 

“I think always setting yourself up for success and knowing that there was a massive storm coming in, doing everything that you would do for yourself to keep yourself safe, also for your animals,” she said. “So setting up first aid kits or to go bags with food and water and leashes and IDs and collars and all that stuff.”

She said it’s also important to make sure there is a pathway to your home if an emergency happens when there is deep snow. Because a trailer couldn’t make it into the area, volunteers walked in the deep snow for about a mile. 

The donkeys and horses will be in a temporary location until their original barn can be rebuilt. 

“It feels good. Any sort of rescue that has a positive outcome, it’s good. It feels good to be able to help the family and still have the animals still be alive. No injuries. That’s why we do what we do,” Dickson said. 

The Gilpin County Office of Emergency Management said they would like to help the family rebuild the barn, and any community donations of materials would be appreciated. 

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Donkeys rescued from collapsed barn after Colorado snowstorm

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