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Biden undergoing physical at Walter Reed

Voters are approaching this year’s election with misgivings about Biden’s age, and will likely be watching...


Black women continue to face disparities in health care

Dr. Dawn Owens Robinson said “there are significant deficits and delinquencies” when it comes to care...


Mackenzie Kelso makes miraculous recovery back to college soccer

Mackenzie Kelso is returning to her team at Louisiana Tech only seven months after suffering cardiac...


Inside look at a psychedelic therapy session in Colorado

As the state begins to roll out proposed rules that will eventually regulate the psychedelic therapy...


FDA advierte sobre uso de smartwatches y anillos para medir azucar en sangre

La precaución se aplica a cualquier reloj o anillo, independientemente de la marca, que afirme medir...


Hispanos y otras minorías raciales son los más afectados por contaminación

El estudio de CU Boulder encontró que Globeville, Argo, Elyria-Swansea y Chaffee Park son algunas de...


Some states want an anti-abortion group’s video in sex ed classes

Some educators and physicians say the video is deceptive and problematic for a young audience. DES...


Brain pacemaker could be a new treatment for depression

It’s taken decades for this research to see human tests, but early signs are promising. NEW...


UCHealth sues thousands of patients but not with its own name

Chapter 1: “It was all I had” The ring sparkled: 18-karat white...


More than 100 living bugs removed from inside of man’s face.

*WARNING: CONTENT MAY BE DISTURBING* Doctors in Jacksonville, Florida are baffled after finding & removing more...


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