Colorado nurse to volunteer at Super Bowl


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About 50 caregivers from Colorado were chosen to head down to Las Vegas for the big game.

JOHNSTOWN, Colo. — A Johnstown nurse with a passion for football is one of about 50 from Colorado who were chosen to volunteer at the Super Bowl. 

Jeannine Sucitu’s job as a nurse with Intermountain Health landed her in Las Vegas this week, volunteering for Super Bowl LVIII. 200 caregivers are volunteering their time, on top of 7,000 other volunteers, as a part of the Volunteer Host Program sponsored by Intermountain Health. 

What Sucito will do as a volunteer at the big game is a bit different from what she does for work. 

“We give information to people walking by and that want to experience the Super Bowl experience,” Sucito said. “We are there to help and make it exciting and safe for everyone.”  

But, being a nurse, Sucito said she’s willing to help in case of an emergency.

“Nurses never stop being nurses, it’s like continuous,” Sucitu said. “You never stop caring for people when you are a nurse, so no matter where you go, you end up helping.”

Sucitu’s worlds are colliding — football has always been a big deal in her family. 

“I love Colorado. I love the Denver Broncos. So when I did sign up for this, I really thought that it was going to be a Denver Bronco game,” Sucitu said. 

The matchup she was hoping for was not between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, but she said it was still an exciting call to answer only one week ago.

“I was working a night shift,” Sucitu said. “I had to call my husband up really quick ‘Can we go, can we do this, is it okay?’”

Sucitu said that since her family can’t root for the Broncos, she’ll cheer on the next best thing. 

“The 49ers because there’s that Bronco connection,” Sucitu said. 

Former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan is the father of 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. Additionally, Broncos great Ed McCaffrey is the father of 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

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Aside from being a football fan, the game is in her DNA. Her mom used to coach football, so this connection is extra special for her.

“My mom, growing up, she was the first female coach in Johnstown, Milliken, for the little leagues,” Sucitu said. “And so I grew up learning plays and strategies, and how to run a practice.”  

Sucitu said her mom also volunteered frequently, setting an example for her. 

“She is a major role in why, as to why I give back in the way that I do,” Sucitu said.


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Colorado nurse to volunteer at Super Bowl

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