Coban Porter pleads guilty in Denver fatal DUI crash


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As a result of the plea deal in Denver District Court, Coban Porter faces a maximum of eight years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

DENVER — More than a year after he ran a red light and killed a woman and seriously injured another person, Coban Porter pleaded guilty Thursday afternoon in Denver District Court to two felony counts.

Porter had been charged with multiple felony counts including vehicular homicide related to the crash that killed 42-year-old Katharina Rothman. He pleaded guilty to:

  • Vehicular homicide – DUI
  • Vehicular assault- DUI

Charges of vehicular homicide-reckless driving and vehicular assault-reckless were dismissed.

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As a result of the plea deal, his sentence will be capped at a maximum of eight years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. He could also be sentenced to probation, according to his attorney. Had he not taken the deal, he could have faced at least 24 years behind bars if convicted.

Porter is accused of driving drunk and causing the Jan. 22, 2023, crash at the intersection of South University Boulevard and East Buchtel Boulevard that killed Rothman. 

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An arrest affidavit from the Denver Police Department shows Coban was speeding, ran a red light, smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech. 

According to police, when Porter ran the red light, he struck the vehicle driven by Rothman. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Rothman was driving for Uber at the time of the crash. Her passenger, Jason Blanch, was seriously hurt in the crash.

Last month, two lawsuits were filed related to the crash. Both suits seek unspecified damages from Porter and the Crimson and Gold Tavern. The suits allege that workers at the Tavern served Porter even though he was in “a visibly intoxicated state.”

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Coban Porter is the younger brother of Nuggets star Michael Porter Jr. At the time of the crash, Coban Porter was a member of the University of Denver men’s basketball team.

He’s set to be sentenced on April 19 at 8:30 a.m. 

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Coban Porter pleads guilty in Denver fatal DUI crash

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