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Woman mauled by wolves while jogging in French safari park – National

A woman in France has been hospitalized after she sustained serious injuries during an attack by...


Mostly police officers killed in attacks in Russian region of Dagestan – National

Russia’s southern region of Dagestan held the first of three days of mourning Monday following a...


Armed militants in Dagestan kill priest and police in attacks on churches, synagogue and police post – National

Armed militants attacked two Orthodox churches, a synagogue and a traffic police post in Russia’s southern...


Woman finds priceless 2,000-year-old Mayan vase in Maryland thrift store – National

Most dedicated thrifters usually find junk on the clearance rack, but one Washington, D.C., woman discovered...


NATO allies appear to have chosen their next leader ahead of summit – National

Mark Rutte, who looks set to be NATO’s next secretary-general, is a fierce critic of Russian...


What we know so far about U.K. Tories and election gambling allegations – National

The United Kingdom’s gambling watchdog is investigating candidates from that country’s Conservative Party as well as...


Putin floats sending weapons to North Korea, sparking concern from U.S. – National

Comments by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday that Russia may supply weapons for North Korea...


Doug Ford calls for tariffs on Chinese EVs: ‘We risk Ontario and Canadian jobs’

Premier Doug Ford is calling on the federal government to slap high tariffs on Chinese-made electric...


The Iberian lynx is back from the brink of extinction. Here’s how it happened – National

Things are looking up for the Iberian lynx. Just over two decades ago, the pointy-eared wild...


NATO chief commends Canada upping defence spending but stresses 2% target – National

The head of NATO urged Canada to meet the alliance’s defence spending target while visiting the...


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