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World population could peak at 10.3B by 2080s: UN

The world’s population is expected to grow by more than 2 billion people in the next...


Canada to help train Ukrainians on F-16 fighter jets due to be flying by summer – National

Canada will help lead the training of Ukrainian fighter jet pilots on F-16s being delivered by...


China warns NATO not to stir ‘chaos’ in Asia – National

China accused NATO on Thursday of seeking security at the expense of others and told the...


Crossbow killing suspect in hospital as U.K. mulls tighter laws – National

A man suspected of killing the wife and daughters of a BBC radio sports commentator with...


Team Canada rises above racist comment, wins world ball hockey championship

The goaltender for Canada’s world champion junior men’s ball hockey team says he used a racist...


NATO allies call China a ‘decisive enabler’ of Russia’s war in Ukraine – National

In their most serious rebuke against Beijing, NATO allies on Wednesday called China a “decisive enabler”...


Starliner astronauts in good spirits, ‘confident’ they’ll return to Earth safely – National

The astronauts aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft are confident they’ll get back to Earth safely aboard the...


Intuit to close Edmonton offices as company cuts jobs, invests in AI

TurboTax-parent company Intuit said on Wednesday it will let go of about 1,800 employees, or 10...


Security firm helps dismantle pro-Palestinian encampment at McGill University

Descrease article font size Increase article font size McGill University had the long-standing pro-Palestinian encampment dismantled...


Bird flu is on the move — here are the different strains around the world – National

Avian influenza, or bird flu, has public health officials on alert after an unprecedented spread in...


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