Twins reunite after 81 years apart thanks to a DNA test


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“It was like the first time I see her in my life, because 81 years is too long,” one of the twins said after their emotional reunion.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — A pair of twins had to wait 81 years to reunite after being separated from one another when they were five – 90-year-olds Maurilia Chavez and Andrea Lopez finally reunited in December 2023. 

Both of their parents died, and all 10 of the kids were split up between family members. A genetic test led them to one another. Within days, Lopez had a plane ticket from Las Vegas to see her sister, Chavez who lives in Westminster. 

Now, they’re making up for lost time. 

These sisters share a special bond. “It’s good life, have a sister,” Lopez said. Twins hold onto that bond a little tighter. “She said she’s older, but I know I am older for six minutes,” Lopez said. 

“And I tell her and tell her, but she don’t listen,” Chavez said.

Chavez and Lopez have lived apart most of their 90 years. “I never think I was going to see her, never,” Chavez said.

During those 81 years they were apart, these twins often wondered if one another was alive, until now.

“My little sister, I really wanted to see you, to have you with me, my beautiful little sister,” Lopez said.

“When I see my sister, I get so happy, I don’t do nothing but cry and hug her and squish her,” Lopez said. “It was like the first time I see her in my life because 81 years is too long.”

“Beautiful, my little sister, she was like a doll, her dress looks like a doll,” Chavez said.

Lopez and Chaves were separated at just five years old.

“I remember just a little bit, a little, little bit, me too,” Lopez said.

Their dad died, and then their mom passed shortly after. The twins and their eight siblings were split up, reunited for only one day when they were nine years old. The memory still hurts.

“I can’t do nothing because I live with another uncle and aunt, and she lives right here in Colorado,” Lopez said.

Lopez lives in Las Vegas. A genetic test led her to her to “Maurilia.”

“Oh my gosh, oh, to me the first day they told me I had my sister and I talk to her I want to turn like a little bird and fly over here,” Lopez said.

“But I can’t believe it I can’t believe it all these years cry,” Chavez said.

Hours-long phone calls allowed the women to catch up.  

“You told me ‘Are you really Andrea?’ You don’t recognize my voice? And she say, ‘A little bit’ and I say, ‘Well, I recognize your voice real good and I know you my sister,'” Lopez said.

Within days, Lopez had a plane ticket to Colorado. “Oh yeah, she make me sleep with her,” Lopez said.

All they want to do now is make up for lost time. “It’s a twin bed,” Lopez said. “‘Maura I fell from the bed,’ and she started laughing.”

In those initial talks, it’s a wonder they got sleep at all. 

“Because time passes with us talking and remembering when we were little,” Lopez said.

They are still just the same little girls they were the last time they saw each other.

“I am more happiest person in the world because I never thought I was going to see her again and the other reason I cry like a baby, I was lonely I have a beautiful family but what I really need was my sister,” Chavez said.

Until Lopez comes back to visit again, they’ll share secret dreams.

“Are you going to live with me? Or am I going to live with you? I am going to live with you!” the twins whispered back and forth. 

Instead, they’ll settle for one more family meal.

“I am happy, thanking God that God let me see you again and be with you. Sound good?” Lopez said. 

“Yes, I also thanked God for that,” Chavez said.

There’s nothing like spending time with your sister, but these twins take it a step further.

They share double the laughs, double the hugs and double the love, no matter how many years have passed.

“Take good care of yourself, OK? I am leaving you in good hands with your daughters. They are very nice to you, OK,” Lopez said.


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Twins reunite after 81 years apart thanks to a DNA test

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