Premier League managers with most defeats revealed as David Moyes overtakes Harry Redknapp for unwanted record


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MANCHESTER UNITED’s 3-0 defeat of West Ham last Sunday saw David Moyes making history – but not the kind of history he imagined when he embarked on a career in management. 

The final whistle spelled doom for David Moyes as it signalled his 239th career loss in the Premier League – making him statistically the biggest loser of any top flight manager ever. 

David Moyes has not been having a good spell at West Ham lately


David Moyes has not been having a good spell at West Ham latelyCredit: Getty

The start of the New Year set-off a disastrous downturn for Moyes’ Boys, who up until January were having their best season to date points wise. 

They’ve now been unable to take home a win from their seven matches this side of New Year’s Eve, and fans are beginning to question their manager, who is out of contract at the end of the season.

But the unwanted record, while unflattering, is also a testament to the number of years Moyes has been in the game.

He’s managed 682 Premier League matches, and is operating on a reasonably high win ratio of 38.9 per cent.

This is in a similar field to Harry Redknapp, who has a 36.8 per cent win rate, and is the man who Moyes overtakes as the biggest loser.

And despite being top of the table, both Moyes and Redknapp are doing better than current Everton manager Sean Dyche who is also among the biggest losers.

The Toffees boss, who racked up most of his game as Burnley manager, has a terrible 28.4 per cent strike rate but is saved from having more losses only by the fact he’s managed 299 games.

Crystal Palace boss, 76 year-old Roy Hodgson, is up there in sixth place with 177 losses to his name during his Prem tenure, which has included stints at Fulham, West Brom and Liverpool.


Sam Allaryce, who most recently managed Leeds United, but also has Newcastle, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Everton to his name, is 100 losses behind Redknapp in third place.

And close behind are Steve Bruce and Mark Hughes, with 211 and 181 games lost respectively.

But hardly anyone has managed as many matches as Moyes, and if these stats tell us anything other than The Hammer’s boss’ record breaking losses, it’s that the man is as experienced as they come. 

Apart from legends Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, the 60-year-old has managed more Prem games than anyone else.

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Fergie, who operated at an unbelievably high 65 per cent win ratio, doesn’t even make the table despite managing 810 Prem games during his career.

And Arsenal icon Wenger is not far behind on a 57.5 per cent hit rate, which saw him guide the Gunners to three League titles and seven FA cups.

The likes of Alan Pardew and Alan Curbishley might be further down the ranking than Moyes, but they have both managed less than half of the matches he has.

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Premier League managers with most defeats revealed as David Moyes overtakes Harry Redknapp for unwanted record

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