Mother grieves her 17-year-old-son after he’s shot and killed


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“My son went to a party to have fun, not to get killed and that is devastating,” said Jen, whose son was killed at a house party in Green Valley Ranch early Sunday.

AURORA, Colo. — A mother in Aurora is searching for answers after her son was killed over the weekend in a shooting outside a house party in Green Valley Ranch.

Denver Police said two people were killed and four others injured early Sunday morning, including 17-year-old Giovanni. 

“It is very hard to believe that he’s gone,” said Jen, Giovanni’s mother. 

It’s been three days since she lost her son. She said he was a good kid and a good friend. 

“Giovanni was very outgoing, he was a very happy kid, very humble. He liked justice, he will always defend others if they were bullied, very respectful,” Jen said. “But I think one word overall, he was a very loving and caring person.” 

9NEWS isn’t showing Jen’s face or using her last name out of fear of retaliation. 

Inside her home, candles and photos of Gio light up the room. Jen said her son was adventurous, loving and gone too soon. 

“My son went to a party to have fun, not to get killed and that is devastating,” Jen said. 

Denver Police said the shooting was associated with a house party. When uninvited guests showed up, a fight broke out someone started shooting.

Police said two people were killed – a 26-year-old man and 17-year-old Giovanni.

DPD said it doesn’t appear that Giovanni was involved in the fight in any way.

His mother, Jen said she has to believe her son died for a purpose. She hoped what happened to her child will now encourage other parents and the community to do what they could to keep their kids safe.

“Please parents, be conscious of the kids we are raising, give them a lot of love. It’s hard to believe at such a young age you can have hate in your heart and have to carry a gun,” Jen said.

Wednesday evening, she’s surrounded by family, friends and loved ones there to comfort her and honor Gio’s memory. 

“I think that it’s Gio making this happen,” Jen said. “I think that he’s comforting us with all the love he had. And I think that he’s saying, ‘Go, go see my family, be there for them,’ I know that it hurts him to see us crying and to see us go through this. So I think this is the way of him comforting us.”

She said her son loved life and had such big dreams. Giovanni loved getting up every morning and trying new activities, new sports, Jen said. 

“If you are struggling with getting up in the morning, Giovanni wanted it, to wake up in the morning and he doesn’t have the chance anymore. So if you do have the chance, get up in the morning and try different things,” Jen said. “Giovanni was very loving and protective of his friends and all others. So, to look out for each other, to love your friends and family and to do good, to do good and be an example.”

Denver Police have made no arrests in the case. Anyone with any information about what happened is encouraged to contact DPD. 

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Mother grieves her 17-year-old-son after he’s shot and killed

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