Mom gives birth at Golden Corral in Arkansas


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A baby boy holds the record for “youngest Golden Corral fan” after he made his grand entrance into the world while at the restaurant.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Congratulations are in order for an Arkansas family after they welcomed a newborn baby boy at their local Golden Corral in North Little Rock!

The family, who is from Mississippi, told us that they were heading home after a weekend trip to Hot Springs when they decided to stop at Golden Corral to eat. 

“We were thinking of what we were going to eat. We decided to go to Golden Corral,” Tameka Woodfork, the baby’s grandmother said. “My daughter went to the bathroom while we were fixing our food and she never came to sit down.”

Tayvia Woodfork went to the bathroom while there and that’s when her mother Tameka Woodfork called to ask if she was okay. She would tell her mom that her stomach was cramping and the family went to help her and call 911 for help.

But there’s even more to the story… 

“At that time we did not know she was pregnant or anything,” Tameka explained. “We didn’t know. I was like this girl just had a baby, but he was fully termed at 37 weeks.”

First responders would arrive just in time as Tayvia gave birth to Tamaar in the bathroom stall. The pair would then be transported to a local hospital to check on them.

It’s safe to say Tameka and Tayvia were shocked that there was a baby brewing and that it was born at a restaurant. 

The restaurant made the news official, announcing the healthy delivery of Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork.

“Please join us in welcoming Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork, who was so excited that his mother was dining at Golden Corral that he decided to join her,” the restaurant said in an online post.

According to Golden Corral, the mother was so excited about the birth of her child that she decided to include Corral in Tamaar’s legal name. 

“I knew we had to do something, but we didn’t want to put Golden, so we decided to use Corral,” Tameka explained. 

As for Tamaar and his mother Tayvia Woodfork? Well, the pair is doing great, according to Golden Corral and her family. The family said their story has even made its way to Mississippi, with doctors at the baby’s appointment realizing they heard the story before they arrived.

Golden Corral added that they’ll be making sure the mom is also well taken care of by gifting her with Golden Corral gift cards, and more!

“The first time we didn’t get to eat, but they told us to make sure we come back because they had something for the baby,” Tameka said. “They had a big bag with a lot of different things in it. They treated us to something to eat and sent us a couple $200 dollar gift cards.” 

While it was surely a shocking turn of events, the family is doing great and they already have their eyes on their next Golden Corral visit. 

“It’s just amazing because everything happens in God’s timing,” Tameka said. I have a conference with my job that I have in Little Rock, So you know I’m going to go back.”

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Mom gives birth at Golden Corral in Arkansas

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