‘It was just MINGING’ – Premier League star pooed in bag and hid it in Micah Richards’ car


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MICAH RICHARDS has revealed how he was the victim of a disgusting prank that left a horrible stench.

The former Manchester City star is now a regular face on our TV screens for BBC’s long-running show Match of the Day and Sky Sports.

Micah Richards revealed a gross tale on the latest The Rest Is Football Podcast


Micah Richards revealed a gross tale on the latest The Rest Is Football PodcastCredit: Youtube @TheRestIsFootball

Richards and the Premier League’s all-time top scorer Alan Shearer are also part of the new hit podcast The Rest Is Football, which is hosted by MOTD pal Gary Lineker.

The three former footy stars have provided plenty of laugh-out-loud moments since.

Shearer revealed how he once caught an unknown couple getting kinky on a piano in his hotel room.

England legend Lineker was left hot and bothered on-air after being called out by Richards for “sexual innuendo” on the hilarious podcast as well.

However, the s*** hit the fan this week as 35-year-old Richards recalled a gross story from his playing days.

After revealing he and his team-mates used to do the “usual” pranking around cutting laces he then dropped a bombshell.

“Someone, and I still don’t know who it is to this day, basically s*** in a bag and put it in a little box – you know you have your boot, then underneath your boot, which you never go there unless you get a flat tyre.

“I kept taking my car to the car wash and basically there was something not right.


“My car is stinking and I cannot find where it’s coming from. I’m not joking, can you sort it out.

“I must have got my car washed 50 times. But still the stench.”

Micah Richards apologises to Frank Lampard on live TV but Chelsea legend has perfect response

Richards, who also played for Fiorentina and Aston Villa, continued: “So one day I got a flat tyre, and I think I can do everything so I change the tyre.

“I pulled the flap up that has all your tools in it, underneath the tools this poo had turned grey.

“It was just minging!”

Richards then issued a plea, adding: “Please, whoever did that, can you just own up now.

“It’s been ten or fifteen years, admit it.”

Meanwhile, Richards apologised to Frank Lampard live on air after a bust-up dating back nearly 20 years ago.

But the Chelsea legend had the perfect response as Shearer joked about what Richards “really called him” backstage.

Lamps joined the pair and Lineker for BBC’s coverage of Chelsea vs Manchester City in the FA Cup semi final when talk turned to an infamous incident between him and Richards that occurred in 2007 when the Blues hammered Man City 6-0 in the Premier League.

Richards admitted in October that he had vowed to “smash” Lampard on the field after he was blanked by his opponent in the tunnel but he is now full of regret.

He said: “It was 6-0, I was at fault for probably five of the goals.

“I’d like to apologise, live on air.”

Lampard graciously said: “You haven’t got to apologise. I was probably in the zone.”

But cheeky Shearer could not resist chiming in with: “That’s not what you were saying in the dressing room two hours ago before Frank arrived!

“Tell him what you really called him!”

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‘It was just MINGING’ – Premier League star pooed in bag and hid it in Micah Richards’ car

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