DoorDash Super Bowl commercial giveaway: How to enter sweepstakes


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DoorDash’s teaser ad says viewers could win “all the snacks” and “every automobile” advertised during all the other Super Bowl commercials.

WASHINGTON — DoorDash wants to prove to viewers that it can deliver more than just food. 

The delivery service is launching a sweepstakes as part of its Super Bowl campaign. The giveaway offers one viewer the chance to win everything — from a 30-pound bucket of mayo to a brand new BMW —  advertised during the NFL championship game on Feb. 11. 

DoorDash’s teaser commercial says viewers could win “all the snacks” and “every automobile” advertised during the Super Bowl in the “first-of-its-kind sweepstakes.” 

The grand prize winner will receive up to six new cars, two 30-pound buckets of mayo, 1,000 Popeye wings, a Kawasaki off-roading vehicle among other snacks and products from big-name brands.

DoorDash says the list will grow as more advertisers announce Super Bowl ads. For now, it estimates the value of the prizes between $340,000 – $480,000. 

According to the rules, DoorDash won’t be able to provide some products as advertised, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, insurance products and gambling, due to legal restrictions. 

However, the delivery service will instead replace the ad product for a stand-in item as is the case with Budweiser, where they will give away a Clydesdales saddle. 

Check the ever-growing list on the DoorDash sweepstakes website.

How to enter DoorDash’s Super Bowl giveaway 

The DoorDash commercial that aired during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl matchup featured a promotional code that viewers  have to enter correctly on its sweepstakes website. The giveaway begins right around when the Super Bowl kicks off, roughly 3:30 p.m. PST/6:30 p.m. EST, and will end at 11:59 p.m. PST on Feb. 11, DoorDash says. 

But if you thought this would be just a simple promo code, you would be very, very incorrect. The code is super long and while you can try as many times as you need, the clock is ticking. 

Some even posted the entire promo code online for others to copy and paste into the site. 

The lucky winner, chosen at random on Monday, Feb. 12, will be notified that same afternoon, DoorDash says. 

And in the chance that no one enters the promo code correctly by midnight Pacific Time, the delivery service said it will hold a “second chance drawing.”

The sweepstakes is open only to U.S. residents that are 21 and older residing in the 50 states or D.C.

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DoorDash Super Bowl commercial giveaway: How to enter sweepstakes

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