Did Rob Gronkowski make the $10 million Kick of Destiny 2?


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This year, FanDuel offered customers to make a free pick on whether Gronkowski will make or miss the kick.

WASHINGTON — Millions tuned in to Super Bowl LVIII to see their bets and picks come to fruition, but the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers wasn’t the only thing fans could wager this Super Bowl Sunday. 

Many closely watched closely for a separate interest ahead of kickoff: Did Rob Gronkowski make his kick?

The NFL legend and former tight end for the New England Patriots got his shot at redemption when he attempted a second 25-yard field goal during FanDuel’s “Kick of Destiny 2” live Super Bowl ad.

For a second year in a row, Gronkowski failed to make the kick.

The outcome of the field goal is scheduled to also be shown in a subsequent commercial during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. 

FanDuel offered its customers a free pick on whether the four-time All-Pro tight end would make or miss the kick through its sportsbook app. Those who picked correctly won an equal share of $10 million in bonus bets. 

The offer differed from last year, where FanDuel customers would receive a share of $10 million in bonus bets if Gronkowski made the kick. To qualify, people needed to place any $5 or more bet on the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the former NFL star missed the 25-yard field goal last February. 

The sports betting platform however still paid out the $10 million in bonus bets despite the failed kick. 

“I can’t lie, when I missed the Kick of Destiny during last year’s Super Bowl, it was devastating. I told the team at FanDuel I knew I could do better and needed a shot at redemption this year,” Gronkowski said in a statement. 

Unlike last year, the kick happened in front of a live audience in Las Vegas. 

The former tight end said during an exclusive interview with TEGNA Digital that he was seeing more progress this year than during his first attempt. 

“I am currently making about 90% of my kicks. Last year at this time I was making about 40% of my kicks,” Gronkowski said. “I’ve been practicing three times a week for 90 minutes.”

FanDuel introduced the ad campaign titled “Kick of Destiny 2” in early January with a minute-long TV spot featuring Gronkowski and the late actor Carl Weathers.

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Did Rob Gronkowski make the $10 million Kick of Destiny 2?

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