Denver bars to serve 49ers fans for Super Bowl


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Handsome Boys Hospitality operates Tony Tenderonis, Jaguar Room, Con Safos and El Patio on Market Street and is preparing to cater to up to 1,000 fans.

DENVER — Come Sunday, football fans will pack local bars and restaurants to tune in to the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs‘ Super Bowl LVIII matchup. The 5280 – Mile High 49ers fan club knows exactly where it’ll be come kick-off.

Georgie San Miguel, director of hospitality for Handsome Boys Hospitality, said Tony Tenderonis will be the official spot for Denver’s 49ers fans, as it has been all season long.

“We’re ready,” San Miguel said. “We got thousands and thousands of tenders, we got wings, we’re prepping in both kitchens right now.”

Handsome Boys Hospitality operates Tony’s and several other restaurants on Market Street and 20th Avenue.

“Tony Tenderonis, which is our sports bar, Jaguar Room, Con Safos and El Patio,” San Miguel explained.

San Miguel said each bar will be packed with fans coming out to watch the big game. In total, the restaurant group is prepared to serve hundreds of people.

We’re anticipating on maybe 800 to 1,000,” San Miguel said.

San Miguel said he came into his position 10 months ago, knowing he wanted to partner his restaurants with a local fan club. Being a 49ers fan himself, the Mile High 49ers were a perfect fit.

“As it turns out, they were at Blake Street Tavern which had just closed so they were looking for a new home in downtown so it was kismet,” San Miguel shared. “It worked out perfectly, we courted them, they loved us and at the end of the day they knew this was their new spot.”

San Miguel said collaborating with fans whose team went all the way to the playoffs and now the Super Bowl couldn’t have timed out better.

“This has been a blessing for us economically with the winter season we’ve had some issues, we had some pipes that burst in one of our facilities and that led to some flooding and we had to close for a couple of weeks,” San Miguel said.

In total, San Miguel said the restaurants will operate an additional four to five hours more than usual to accommodate crowds. He said the bars will open at noon and stay open through the game. He said he’s hoping a 49ers win will allow staff to keep serving people into the evening hours.

He said since the 49ers punched their tickets to Las Vegas, his team has been fielding calls and social media messages for reservations. He said as of Saturday afternoon, between all his restaurants, 550 reservations had been made.

The more the merrier, we want to rock this place out,” San Miguel said.


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Denver bars to serve 49ers fans for Super Bowl

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