Colorado primary ballots mailed out, Trump on GOP ballot


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Here’s what to know about the 2024 presidential primary in Colorado.

COLORADO, USA — Ballots for the 2024 presidential primary election will start arriving in Coloradans’ mailboxes this week. 

County clerks began mailing the ballots out on Monday, and they have until Friday to get them in the mail. 

Completed ballots must be returned by 7 p.m. on primary election day, March 5. 

Voters who want to mail their completed ballot should do so by Feb. 26 to ensure it arrives in time, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said. After that date, ballots should be returned to a drop box or voting center. 

Who’s on the ballots

Several candidates on the Republican primary ballot have publicly suspended their campaigns since the ballot was certified on Jan. 5. As of Monday, the office said, those candidates include Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Asa Hutchinson, and Vivek Ramaswamy

On the Democratic side, Marianne Williamson has also publicly suspended her campaign. 

The secretary of state’s office said these candidates have not filed paperwork to formally withdraw their names from the ballot. 

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The Colorado Supreme Court ruled in December that former President Donald Trump was not allowed on the Colorado primary ballot. But the justices stayed the ruling if it was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court by a certain date, which it was. That means Trump’s name is on the Republican primary ballot. 

The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case Thursday, and has not yet ruled on the matter. 

“If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Mr. Trump, votes for the former president will be counted,” the secretary of state’s office said in a news release Monday. “If the Supreme Court rules against Mr. Trump, votes for the former president will not be counted.”

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The secretary of state’s office said the Colorado Democratic Party submitted a request for a “Noncommitted Delegate” to appear on the Democratic primary ballot. Per Colorado law, the office said, a vote for the Noncommitted Delegate provides “a place on the primary ballot for electors who have no presidential candidate preference to register a vote to send a noncommitted delegate to the political party’s national convention.”

What’s in the envelope

Coloradans who are affiliated with the Republican or Democratic party will receive only the ballot of that party. 

Unaffiliated voters will receive a ballot for each party, and can only vote one of those ballots for their vote to be counted.

Voters affiliated with a minor party will not receive a ballot.

How to register to vote

Coloradans who register to vote or update their voter registration at between now and Feb. 26 will receive a ballot in the mail. 

After Feb. 26, Coloradans can still register to vote, receive a ballot, and vote in person at a voting center until 7 p.m. on Election Day, March 5. A list of voting centers is available on each county clerk’s website

2024 primaries

Colorado is holding its presidential primary election on Super Tuesday, along with more than a dozen other states. 

The primary election for other offices, including Colorado’s eight seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, will be held later in the year. Ballots for that primary will be mailed out starting June 3 and must be returned by 7 p.m. on Election Day, June 25. 

The 2024 general election is Nov. 5. 

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Colorado primary ballots mailed out, Trump on GOP ballot

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