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3D printer users say their devices were hacked to warn of a security flaw

Users of a popular 3D printer were recently met with an ominous message on their devices:...


Tecno unveils the smallest water-cooled gaming PC, complete with Intel Core Ultra CPU and RTX 4060 GPU

MWC 2024 featured some pretty interesting and unique products on its show floor, and one of...


Threads was down for 30 minutes and no, we didn’t go back to Twitter

Threads, Instagram’s popular alternative to the struggling X (formerly Twitter), went offline on Thursday afternoon around...


The iPhone 16 needs to steal the TCL 50 XL NxtPaper’s best feature pronto

Back at CES last month, TCL announced a swath of new phones and tablets touting the...


There’s a massive Leap Day sale at Amazon, and I’ve selected the 29 best deals

It’s February 29, which means it’s Leap Day, and since that only happens once every four...


Microsoft teams up with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to provide the ‘missing link’ that’ll boost upscaling for PC games

Microsoft has just announced DirectSR, a new application programming interface (API) designed in partnership with major...


The new Intel Arc graphics driver boosts gaming performance by up to 155%

Intel has released a new driver for its Intel Arc graphics cards, specifically the ‘Meteor Lake’...


Control this car with nothing more than your phone and your eyes

How’s this for magic: with nothing more than the HONOR Magic 6 Pro phone, an auto...


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