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Rumored Apple and Meta collaboration might make the iPhone 16 a better AI phone

Apple may be augmenting its new Apple Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) features with models built by...


Walmart just announced its rival Prime Day sale – here’s a sneak peek of the best deals

While everyone anxiously awaits the official Amazon Prime Day date (although it might have just been...


Netflix’s Sweet Home season 3 trailer teases an epic final showdown for the apocalyptic horror series

The wait is finally over for Sweet Home fans, as Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer...


Mercedes F1: AI is going to play a big role in our sport’s future

In a sport where tenths of seconds can mean the difference between victory and second place,...


Meta Quest users targeted in Windows app scam — here’s what you need to know

If you’re looking for the Meta Quest app for Windows – be careful, as experts have...


Everything leaving Hulu in July 2024

If there’s one slightly irritating thing about the best streaming services, it’s when they remove titles...


Did VPNArea just pull the rug on its customers?

Once in the running for the best VPN services, VPNArea has seemingly disappeared off the face...


Amazing. Incredible. Discover the astonishing power of Dell’s AI-enhanced laptops

Dell’s laptops are famous for their performance, power and portability. And now there’s a new generation...


Netflix could be planning a completely free ad-supported service but there’s a catch

With a whole host of the best streaming services at our fingertips, subscriptions can get expensive,...


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