Budget cuts prompt walkout at Denver School of the Arts


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Students walked out of class Monday to support their teachers.

DENVER — Budget cuts for Denver Public Schools could lead to teacher cuts, and students at Denver School of the Arts are not happy about it.

Students walked out of class Monday to support their teachers. Hayden Ferrandino, a 10th grader at the school, helped organize the walkout after learning that some of her favorite teachers could soon lose their jobs.

“Here I have found an environment that fosters growth and acceptance,” Ferrandino said. “That’s really important, and that’s because of these teachers. We are standing in solidarity with our teacher.”

“Admin has not had any transparency with the teachers, parents, or the students about how any of this is going down,” Ferrandino said.

Denver Public Schools spokesperson Scott Pribble said the district and school have been as transparent as possible about the situation.

“They have followed procedure to a tee,” Pribble said. “They have someone at central office who leads them through the process, so they are doing every step and following DPS policy as they move through the process.”

Pribble said budget cuts aren’t a new thing, with the district forced to make cuts nearly every year. But with enrollment numbers down and less money coming in because of it, he said some schools may undergo cuts they haven’t seen before.

“I think it’s fair to say that Denver School of the Arts has not experienced this very often in its history,” Pribble said. “So this is unique to them, and I can understand why it’s challenging and traumatic.”

“I’m a first year at DSA and I’m already very angry about what’s going on,” Ferrandino said. “I need admin to understand this is important. What we’re doing is important. Now the question is, are they going to listen to the student body?”

According to Pribble, they’re listening. 

“The administration here hears the students and understands their concerns,” he said. 

As of now, Pribble isn’t sure how many positions will be cut, if any. He said the school is expected to make that announcement within the next few weeks. If there are staffing cuts, he said those employees will get another job for the next school year somewhere in the district.

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Budget cuts prompt walkout at Denver School of the Arts

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