Alex Singleton discusses Broncos’ QB situation at Super Bowl


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Broncos’ tackle leader was attending Super Bowl to promote Special Olympics.

LAS VEGAS — OK, sure, Alex Singleton. Congrats on another fine season as the Broncos’ leading tackler.

But about the team’s quarterback situation in light of Russell Wilson’s late-season benching. Is Singleton as anxious as everyone else to see how it plays out?

“Uh, yeah. We’ll see what happens,’’ Singleton said Wednesday from Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row. “It’s a long offseason. I’m still worried about who’s going to be standing next to me more than who is playing quarterback. Once Josey gets his stuff figured out, then I’ll start worrying about the other side.”

Yes, Josey Jewell, Singleton’s inside linebacker partner, is a month away from free agency. Singleton hopes the Broncos sign him back.

“Oh yeah. Got to have him back, got to have my guy back,” Singleton said.

Singleton was here promoting Special Olympics, as he was at last year’s Super Bowl in Phoenix. In particular, a Special Olympics nutritional program.

Singleton finished the 2023 season with an incredible 177 tackles but his Broncos slumped in the final month and finished 8-9.

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“Obviously, not the way we wanted it to end,’’ Singleton said. “I think if we come down and beat the Raiders (in the season finale) it would have left a better taste in our mouths.

“But I think we learned a lot this year and we learned how to win. It’s something we need to take into this offseason and take advantage throughout this spring and summer.”

The Broncos had it going for a while in 2023. A midseason, five-game winning streak put the Broncos in playoff contention.

“Yeah and the teams that are in this (postseason) – we know what we’re capable of,’’ Singleton said. “We saw that. A lot of the playoff teams we beat.’’

Thanks to a remarkable string of defensive takeaways, the Broncos defeated, in succession, the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, all of whom made the playoffs. And the Chiefs are still playing with one final Big Game remaining.

“Our toughest part of our season we were able to string wins together against those guys,’’ Singleton said. “So to remember that in the spring and summer and go into next season and knowing we can be that team. We just got to do it not just in spurts but throughout the season.”

What does Singleton think about the Broncos in 2024?

“Going to be better than 2023,’’ he said with his trademark wide smile.


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Alex Singleton discusses Broncos’ QB situation at Super Bowl

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