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How did the Supreme Court rule in the Mifepristone case?

It was the court’s first abortion decision since conservative justices overturned Roe v. Wade two years...


Rudy Giuliani processed in fake electors scheme in Arizona

Officials in Arizona released a mug shot of Rudy Giuliani in connection with his indictment on...


Tucker Carlson announces live tour: How to get tickets

Former Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson will be joined at each tour stop by a special...


Hunter Biden trial: Beau Biden’s widow takes the stand

The purchase of the Colt revolver by Hunter Biden — and Hallie Biden’s frenzied disposal of...


Trump campaign begins vetting vice presidential candidates

Among those who have received vetting paperwork are North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Florida Sen. Marco...


Biden in France to honor 80th anniversary of D-Day

D-Day was the largest amphibious assault in history, and Biden called it a “powerful illustration of...


GOP senators block bill protecting contraceptive access

The Senate has largely abandoned hopes of doing serious bipartisan legislation before the election, with neither...


Jimmy Kimmel features Kyle Clark, Colorado CD4 Republican debate

LOS ANGELES — If it were up to Jimmy Kimmel, 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark would be...


Lauren Boebert leads GOP opponents in primary race, poll shows

The poll shows the congresswoman ahead of her Republican primary opponents by 35 points. COLORADO, USA...


Congressman’s son steals show on House floor, hamming it up for cameras

A young boy sitting behind his father on the House floor has become the latest social...


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