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Lauren Boebert leads GOP opponents in primary race, poll shows


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The poll shows the congresswoman ahead of her Republican primary opponents by 35 points.

COLORADO, USA — U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert took the brunt of the attacks in last week’s six-way debate as her opponents identified her as the frontrunner in the Republican primary election for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. Now, a new public poll says she has an enormous lead in the race.

According to a poll by Kaplan Strategies out of Florida, Boebert has a 35-point lead over the five other candidates with about 40% of voters still undecided as ballots drop this week.

The contenders include Boebert, Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, current state Rep. Richard Holtorf, former state House Minority Leader Mike Lynch, mortgage broker Peter Yu and former conservative talk radio host Deborah Flora.

Kaplan Strategies polled 343 likely GOP primary voters in the district that includes Douglas County, Loveland, and the Eastern Plains. Of those polled, 40% said they would vote for Boebert on primary election day, June 25.

All of Boebert’s opponents are polling at or below 5%, right around the ±4.3% margin of error. In an analysis done by the pollsters, they attribute the numbers to Boebert’s overwhelming name recognition, with little for her Republican rivals. Her most known opponent, Lynch, has a favorability rating of 9%-10%, with 46% of voters not recognizing him, Kaplan found. Yu, her least known opponent, was not recognized by 63% of voters. 

Pollsters found Boebert’s favorability has improved significantly since February. She now has a 47% favorable rating, up from a previous negative rating, Kaplan Strategies found. Only 3% of those polled said they had never heard of her.

Kaplan Strategies also found that 44% of undecided voters said they might consider voting for Boebert.

Boebert has made headlines over the past year for various incidents in her personal life, including being told to leave a performance of “Beetlejuice” in Denver for vaping and being disruptive. Pollsters found that her perceived character and judgment have seen positive shifts, going from being viewed negatively by somewhere between 45% and 31% of voters, to being seen positively by 41% of voters.

Kaplan Strategies reported that economy and immigration are still the top concerns for Republican primary voters.

Boebert is the only candidate in the CD4 race endorsed by Donald Trump. Republican primary voters were polled after Trump’s felony conviction last week, and Kaplan Strategies reports that 75% said they still had a favorable view of Trump.

Of those polled, 58% are willing to support a candidate convicted of a felony, pollsters found, and 48% said they are now more likely to vote for Trump in the general election.

Boebert narrowly won her 3rd Congressional District seat in 2020. She beat her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch, by 546 votes.

There are three Democratic candidates competing to win their primary election in CD4. The voter makeup for the district is 47% unaffiliated, 35% Republican and 17% Democrat. The Republican candidate is most likely to win this race, but Boebert’s primary opponents have previously cast doubt on her electability. 



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Lauren Boebert leads GOP opponents in primary race, poll shows

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