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Colorado Republicans spend thousands on its chairman’s race


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“There has been no direct spending from the party for myself or any of the other candidates,” Williams told 9NEWS’ Marshall Zelinger on Tuesday.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Republican Party spent $19,445.29 in support of Congressional candidate Dave Williams, who is also the party chairman.

In the June monthly campaign finance filing posted on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) website on Friday morning, the Colorado Republican Party reported a $19,445.29 expenditure on May 28 in support of 5th Congressional candidate David Williams.

The filing does not say what the spending was for, but The Colorado Sun reported receiving a political mailer on that day.

On Tuesday, Next with Kyle Clark asked Williams about Colorado GOP spending for his race, as well as the three other Republicans who have been endorsed in their contested primaries for Congress.

The Congressional candidates endorsed by the Republican party are:

  • Ron Hanks, CO-3
  • Lauren Boebert, CO-4
  • Dave Williams, CO-5
  • Janak Joshi, CO-8

All four of those candidates are in a primary with other Republicans, but the Colorado GOP has taken the unusual step of endorsing them.

A previous Colorado GOP leader said that this is the first time the Colorado Republican Party has endorsed in contested primaries.

This is what Williams said on Tuesday about party spending for his race.

9NEWS Political Reporter Marshall Zelinger: “How much has the Colorado GOP spent to help you beat another Republican? And how much has the party spent to help the three other endorsed candidates win their contested primaries?”

Williams: “There has been no direct spending from the party for myself or any of the other candidates.”

Zelinger: “So, when the finances come out, we’re going to see $0 spent to benefit Dave Williams’ CD5 campaign, and $0 spent for any of the other endorsed candidates?”

Williams: “You’re not going to see anything like that.”

On Friday, the $19,445.29 expenditure by the Colorado GOP in support of Williams became public.

Next with Kyle Clark reached out to Williams by text about what he said on Tuesday compared to what the FEC filing shows.

First, his campaign manager Chris McIntire responded by text saying, “The Party isn’t out any money and your news outlet should wait for subsequent disclosure filings before deceptively reporting a false narrative.”

Then, he said we should speak with Colorado Republican Party Chairman Tom Bjorkland.

Bjorkland texted on his own writing, “We know you wish to deceptively report a salacious story so we’re sorry to bust your fake news bubble. The Party isn’t out any money and our balance sheets and subsequent disclosure filings will show a net positive for Colorado Republicans.”

Bjorkland refused to explain, when asked three additional times, how $19,445 spent in support of Williams could also be $0 spent. He also refused to explain what subsequent disclosure filings would show.

Political parties receive reduced postage rates.

And in general elections, current and former political party leaders said that it is not unusual for a party to pay for the postage of a candidate, and have that candidate either reimburse the funds or simply raise money for the party.

What is unusual is for a party to endorse and assist candidates in contested races within the party.



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Colorado Republicans spend thousands on its chairman’s race

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